Team Performance

Inside Edge has served clubs since its founding in 1993. Our real-time data capture, combined with our analytical matchup and player development reports have been used by multiple world championship teams.
Easily search MLB game footage to find clips for any query including baserunning, great defensive plays, pitcher command, and a lot more!  And, if you really want to go next-level there’s eClips PLUS, featuring Notes-to-Video (Remarkable insights linked to video clips).
eClips - Inside Edge
Pitcher Timings - Inside Edge baseball charting
Pitcher Timings
We capture five specific pitcher timings to help complete the Statcast data set. These precise timings are used for a base stealing advantage and understanding the variability of pitcher set times.
Pitcher Command / Intended Spot
Our data captures the true intention of where a pitcher wants to locate a pitch. We developed a baseball-reality methodology that is used by major league and minor league teams.
Pitcher Command - Inside Edge baseball scouting


Graphically displays pitch-by-pitch data for player development and advance scouting.

Reports include:  

  • Pitcher Repertoire Notes
  • Hitter, Pitcher, and Team Report Cards
  • Hitter and Pitcher By Count
  • Pitcher Postgame
  • Hitter Location and Spray
  • Game Report
  • Pitching Staff Report
  • Hitter and Pitcher Evaluations