Intangibles Data

“Intangibles” (factors that have real impact, but aren’t easily measured without eyes on the play): Lost in Sun/Lights Bad Hop Communication problem between fielders Post ball-in-play data (many examples, but here are a few):

    • Misplay or well-played ball off the wall
    • Throwing to wrong base, or delaying throw unnecessarily.
    • Great pick or play on throw to fielder (e.g. when turning DP or fielding throw from catcher on SB attempt).
    • Mental errors (late covering bag, indecision, etc.)
    • Heads Up Plays
    • Not turning DP when it was highly likely to do so.
    • OF holding hitter to single due to good route / hustle play.
    • Umpire made bad call on the bases (not contested or overturned)
    • Other “intangibles”

Baserunning (examples of the types of things we track there include):

  • Heads up baserunning play (taking an extra base, or avoiding an out by making a good decision not to advance).
  • Poor baserunning (runner not advancing when he could have, or getting doubled-off unnecessarily, etc.)
  • Amazing slide that made the difference between out or safe

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