Defense Data

A few of the elements we capture that could possibly be useful in augmenting the Statcast feed to provide a more complete picture of the play from the human perspective:

  • Glove Positioning: literally which way the glove was positioned on the play
    • Fielded Straight Up or At
    • Backhand
    • Extended glove side
    • Barehand
  • Throw off balance (yes/no)
  • Throw underhand (yes/no)
  • Throw max effort (yes/no)
  • Fielder dove (yes/no)
  • Ball off wall (yes/no)
  • BeatTheShift: for any ball in play with a shift on, we make a judgment call on whether the play would have had a different result had the defense been positioned normally. There are three simple categories: 1) Shift saved a hit  2) Shift caused a hit  3) Shift didn’t matter (result would have been the same).
  • Catcher Block Probability (rating how difficult the ball in dirt was to block)
  • 1B Scoop Probability (rating how difficult the ball in dirt was for 1B to pick)
  • HR Rob (yes/no)
  • Max Effort Throw (yes/no)
  • Play Rating (all plays, including infield plays. This is done subjectively, but on a scale similar to BAM’s Hit Probability scale).



Defensive Shifts feed $7,000

Add historical data (available back to 2012) $3,000 / Yr.