Welcome to Inside Edge’s Super Bowl Breakdown using our product, Reasons. The widget below shows a considerable edge (21-20) to the 49ers for Sunday’s final game of the season.

The 49ers defense was dominant during the early part of the season… Do they have a lot of defensive strengths this week?

Despite the overall success and improvement from the 49ers D from the 2018 season to 2019 season, Reasons shows zero strengths for the 49ers. That is no indictment of the team that allowed the second fewest yards from scrimmage per game this season (304.8 yards). Instead, that shows the strength of a dominant Chiefs offense. Kansas City’s offensive outbursts in the playoffs are no surprise. During the regular season they scored on 48.8% of their drives, only trailing the Baltimore Ravens 51.8%.

Can the Chiefs D stop the 49ers rushing attack?

Opponents facing the Kansas City defense rushed the ball 39.3% of the time during the regular season; League Avg.: 40.0%. The 49ers ran the ball 47.3% of the time, third highest among offenses in the 2019 season. If the Chiefs cannot get out ahead and force the 49ers to pass and play catch up, they may be in a world of hurt. The 49ers rushed for 10+ yards on 13.2% of carries, T-best in NFL. The Chiefs defense allowed 12.9% of carries to go for 10+ yards, fifth highest in NFL.

Those are just a couple of things to look for during the game Sunday evening. Enjoy the game!




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