1. Will Kershaw serve up another home run?

Clayton Kershaw has allowed at least one HR in each of his last 9 games dating back to September 7th.

  1. Keuchel makes people miss on changeups.

Opponents have a miss rate of 43.9% (72/164) against Dallas Keuchel on changeups this season, third best among starters (League Avg: 29.8 percent).

  1. Kiké destroys left-handed pitching.

Enrique Hernández slugged .579 (88 total bases in 152 ABs) versus LHP this season, 14th best among part-time hitters (League Avg: .419).

4. Breaking pitches give Springer fits, but things might be changing.

George Springer hi just .129 (8-for-62) on curves and sliders in the second half of the regular season, fifth worst among full-time hitters (League Avg: .213). Springer broke up Alex Wood’s no-hitter on a curveball last night.


  1. Bellinger can handle left-handed breaking pitches.

Cody Bellinger has been whiffing on breaking balls this series, but he slugged .694 (25 total bases in 36 ABs) on curves and sliders from lefties during the regular season, eighth best among full-time hitters (League Avg: .347).



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