1. Climbing the ladder.

Opponents had a miss rate of 30.4 percent (42/138) against Alex Wood as a starter on high fastballs this season, 15th best among SPs (League Avg: 23.1 percent).

  1. Morton gives lefties a fit.

Left-handed batters hit .175 against Charlie Morton (44-for-252) this season, sixth best among starters (League avg: .263).


  1. Dodgers struggled against right-handed pitchers.

The Dodgers hit just .240 (409-for-1,704) versus RHP in the second half, third worst among teams (League Avg: .254).


  1. Turning two against the Astros happens more often than you think.

Astros hitters grounded into 142 double plays in 1,165 opportunities (12.2 percent) this season, fifth worst among teams (League Avg: 11.1 percent).


  1. When the Astros and Dodgers get to their bullpen, expect swings and misses.

Opponents had a miss rate of 31.9% (1,409/4,413) against Astros relievers this season, best in MLB (League Avg: 26.1 percent). Also, opponents had a miss rate of 29.5 percent (1,420/4,807) against Dodgers relievers this season, third best in MLB.



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