Here are a few interesting notes that Remarkable served up for today around MLB, featuring the unbelievable trio of Mike Trout, Freddie Freeman, and Joey Votto…


It would be interesting to hear what pitchers have to say if they were asked to name the hitters they least want to face in a tough situation.  We don’t know if such a poll exists, but looking at On Base Average with runners in scoring position answers the question pretty well.  Here’s the leaderboard, covering the 2016-17 seasons:

OBP With Runners in Scoring Position since 2016

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Joey Votto, Mike Trout, and Freddie Freeman have each reached base around half the time when there are runners are in scoring position over the past two seasons.  The league average is 34 percent.

We were curious about something else… how often has this trio of amazing hitters played on the same day and not reached base?  Get ready, because the answer is pretty amazing.  ONE TIME!

Votto, Trout, and Freeman have all played and logged at least three PA’s in the same day 538 times.  The only day that all three of them failed to have a hit or walk was back on May 23, 2012.

On to the rest of the league…


Rich Hill has thrown at least two strikes in his first three pitches to 81.2% (65/80) of opposing batters over the last 30 days (5 starts). Rank: 1st of 166 qualified SPs; League Avg: 61.5%).

Opponents are hitting .208 against Zack Godley (15-for-72) when he’s behind in the count this season (Rank: Best among qualified SPs; League Avg: .355).

Right-handed hitters have a chase rate of just 20.9% against Trevor Bauer as a starter this season (Rank: 167th of 167 qualified SPs; League Avg: 29.5%).


Ken Giles has a strikeout rate of 84.0% (21/25) on two strike counts over the last 30 days (Rank: Best among qualified RPs; League Avg: 43.0%).

Kenley Jansen has struck out 50.0% (56/112) of right-handed batters he faced this season (Rank: Best among qualified RPs; League Avg: 23.9%).

Craig Kimbrel has a strikeout rate of 56.1% (46/82) against division opponents this season (Rank: Best among qualified RPs in MLB; League Avg: 22.9%).


Melky Cabrera has not swung and missed on a pitch in his last 20 PA (this is the longest active streak).

Alex Avila has not hit a ball to the left side in his last 9 games (this is the longest active streak).

R.A. Dickey has not allowed a run in the first inning in any of his last 10 games dating back to July 1st (James Paxton has the longest active streak at 11).


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