Jackie Bradley Jr.’s streak of 29 straight games with a hit ended Thursday night as he went 0-for-4. Here’s a look (or various looks, rather), at his outstanding performance during the streak.

Let’s start with hit locations. Bradley sprayed the ball all over the park during the streak:

Bradley Jr.’s hits by side of field during the streak

Here’s a more detailed view:

Bradley Jr.’s hits during the streak

First hit of the game: In 27 of the 29 games, Bradley recorded his first hit of the game by his third AB:

How long it took for Bradley to record his first hit of the game during the streak

Pitch types and locations: Bradley hit just about every type of pitch and was most successful with pitches located middle/away and down/away during the streak:

Pitch types and locations of Bradley’s hits during the streak

Lineup Spot: Bradley batted 7th, 8th, or 9th in the order during twenty-four of the twenty-nine games, making his streak all the more impressive . Hitters batting in the 7–8–9 spots account for only 28 percent of all plate appearances. For comparison, hitters in the 1–2–3 spot account for 37 percent of PA’s.

Counts: Bradley was exceptional with the count against him during the streak. He recorded 19 hits with the count in the pitcher’s favor.

Hits by ball-strike count group

Report Card: Finally, here’s the Inside Edge Report Card for Bradley during the dates of his streak:

Bradley Jr.’s Report Card during the streak

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