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Like many start-ups before them, Inside Edge started out in a garage. Brothers-in-law Jay Donchetz and Randy Istre bonded over a shared passion for baseball and a drive to dig deeper into the sport's statistics. They quickly realized there was a market for detailed, in-depth scouting reports. Through hard work, innovative new technology, and a top-notch team of scouts and employees, they rose through the ranks to become the premier sports scouting and data analytics organization.

From their first partnership with Team USA at the 1987 Pan Am Games, to their work with MLB clubs and media, to the launch of their groundbreaking new products, here's a look at Inside Edge's ascent....


Inside Edge works with Team USA pitching coach Jerry Weinstein at the Pan Am Games, helping the United States to deliver Team Cuba its first loss in 20 years. Weinstein attributes the victory to Inside Edge's MVP Reports.


brewers logo

Inside Edge scores their first Major League Baseball contract by agreeing to terms with the Milwaukee Brewers. Their first check is signed by team owner and commissioner Bud Selig.



Inside Edge adds the New York Yankees to their team roster, and the Yankees win their first World Series title in 17 years. Pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre gifts a baseball to the company signed, "We couldn't have done it without you."

signed baseball

foxifying baseball

The company branches into the broadcast market, teaming up with FOX Sports to introduce the Hot Zones, an accurate and visually compelling way of illustrating pitches and hits.



Inside Edge client, the Florida Marlins, wins the World Series and sends Jay and Randy each a replica trophy and a letter of thanks.

marlins letter

trophy replica

The roster of MLB clients grows, and Inside Edge reports are used by 6 consecutive World Series Champions.



Popular video game MLB2K5 taps Insided Edge to provide data for their in-game scouting reports.

MLB Video Games

ESPN logo

The company's growth continues, as Inside Edge signs on with ESPN to chart every pitch of every MLB game live.



Inside Edge makes its Hollywood debut. Scouting reports are utilized throughout the Brad Pitt movie "Moneyball", simulating their real-life use by the Oakland A's.


real time

Inside Edge begins capturing data in real-time in order to serve the market with its own unique brand of live data and analytics.



Are you ready for some football? Inside Edge develops analytical products to serve NFL teams and media for the first time.


elevator pitch

The company's innovative new product, Remarkable, receives patent approval and wins the Elevator Pitch award at the Summer FSTA Conference.  Inside Edge also increases its efforts to become a leader in predictive analytics. Innovations such as these pave the way for IE to expand into all sports, and even into other industries such as finance, consumer marketing, E-Sports, and more.