1. Tough to go for extra bases on the McCullers curve.

Lance McCullers has allowed a slugging percentage of .258 (118 Total Bases/458 ABs) on curves since the start of 2016, seventh out of 99 qualified starters (League Avg: .368). In the postseason, McCullers is close to his average — allowing a slugging percentage of .255 (12 Total Bases/47 ABs) on curves.


  1. Can Darvish reclaim the inner third?

Opponents had a miss rate of 29.2 percent (45/154) against Yu Darvish on inside fastballs in the second half, highest of 171 qualified starters (League Avg: 14.0 percent). Darvish has a miss rate of just 12.5 percent (3/24) on inside fastballs in the 2017 playoffs.


  1. Dodgers crush breaking pitches.

As seen in #1 above, it will be tough to touch McCullers up on the curveball, but if any team can it might be the Dodgers. Dodgers hitters have 146 Extra-Base hits out of 352 total hits (41.5 percent) on curves and sliders this season, second best of 30 MLB teams (League Avg: 36.1 percent).


  1. The Astros were the best team against the fastball in the regular season.

The Astros batted .304 (1,004-for-3,307) on fastballs this season, first of 30 MLB Teams (League Avg: .278). The Astros batting average on fastballs has dropped to .252 (81-for-322) in the playoffs. Darvish had a tough time with the slider in Game 3…will he rely on the fastball more today?


  1. The Dodgers and Astros pitching staffs were two of the best at striking batters out in the regular season. How are they doing in the World Series?

Dodgers pitchers had a strikeout rate of 26.2 percent (1,550/5,926) this season, second among 30 MLB teams (League Avg: 21.7 percent). The Astros pitchers were right behind with a 26.1 percent (1,590/6,093) strikeout rate in the regular season, third among MLB teams. So far in the World Series, the Astros are near pace with a 25.2 percent strikeout rate, but the Dodgers are only striking out batters at a rate of 19.5 percent.



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