1. Clayton Kershaw actually gets more people to chase his pitches out of the zone when he’s behind in the count than they do when he’s ahead in the count! Since the All-Star Break, opposing hitters have chased 51.2 percent (21/41) of the time when Kershaw is behind in the count compared to only 31.6 percent of the time when Kershaw is ahead in the count.

2. The Cubs were insanely good on the road in the second half.  They were 25-12 away from home after the All-Star Break. Leading the way on the road? That would be Kris Bryant, who had an OBP of .474 since the All-Star Break, second among full-time hitters (League Avg: .317).

3. Nothing straight on the first pitch! Corey Kluber has thrown off-speed pitches 73.8 percent (96/130) of the time on the first pitch of at-bats over the last 30 days, highest in the MLB (League Avg: 35.7 percent)

4. Jose Altuve does not like to overstay his welcome at the plate. This season, 21.6 percent (143/662 PAs) of his plate appearances lasted only one pitch, highest in the MLB (League Avg: 10.8 percent) and he is batting .449 (62-for-138) on the first pitch this season, 12th highest among full-time hitters.

5. Stephen Strasburg’s sinking changeup has been on another level since the All-Star Break. Opponents have a miss rate of 49.1 percent (55/112) against Strasburg’s changeups in the second half, best in all of baseball (League Avg: 29.9 percent).




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