1. Over the last month, Jose Ramirez’ odds of reaching base when he got himself in a 2-strike count were better than a coin flip!  His 2-strike on-base percentage was .528 in 36 plate appearances over the last 30 days of the season, first in the league by a wide margin.

2. If you were a lefty facing Justin Verlander over the last month, your odds of striking out were nearly as bad as that coin flip!  He struck out 48.0% (24/50) of left-handed batters he faced over the last 30 days (Rank: 2nd of 121 qualified SPs in MLB; League Avg: 20.3%).

3. The Red Sox might do better if they played a straight-up defense. They have saved 9 would-be hits because of the shift, but they’ve allowed 14 extra hits due to the shift (-5.0 hits saved by shift) since the All-Star Break (Rank: 30th of 30 in MLB; League Avg: +4.9).

4. The Yankees knocked Ervin Santana out of the Wild Card game after 2 innings. Starting pitchers also lasted less than 6 innings against the Yankees in each of the last 10 regular season games (longest active streak). How long will Bauer last in Game 1?

5. If you are facing Carson Smith in a 2-strike count, you are going to see a slider!

He has thrown his slider 91.9% of the time (34/37) with two strikes over the last 30 days (Rank: 1st of 144 qualified RPs in MLB; League Avg: 33.2%).



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